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Saturday, 4 June 2016


The tributaries of the River Seine, which runs through Paris have caused severe flooding in many towns on their banks, and Paris has not escaped flooding. 

The saturated towns and homes will take many weeks, even months, before they are dried out and normality can be restored.  The Financial  losses will be high.

This new crisis has supplanted all others.  The El Komry Labour Laws, which led to countless debates and then repeated strikes, after a political stand-off between Trade Unions and the Socialist Government, have suddenly been "washed" into the background ! 

Next week, on June 10, the UEFA Nations Football Cup Finals are due to start in France, amid Terrorist security fears.  One can only hope that Stadiums will be ready and that the capacity of the Police will not be overstretched.  To think that millions of Tourists and Fans are expected to come to France !  The Final takes place on July 10 ! 

All political preoccupations in France, e.g. can Hollande stand for a second term as President, the Middle East War, the Refugee crisis, Unemployment levels, are now of a secondary importance !  But for how long...?