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Thursday, 9 June 2016


There is fear in France at present and everyone wonders what could happen next !

There have been constant political tensions and conflicts recently over the proposed El Khomri law.  This originally aimed to change employment conditions to encourage companies to employ more people on a long term basis.   

Trade Unions immediately opposed any changes and it resulted in repeated strikes, in particularn by the CGT Union.  This has brought many industries to a halt, especially Transport, fuel depots and litter collection. 

As all Europeans know, tomorrow the EUFA Nations Football Cup is due to start and to cope with the Millions of foreign spectators expected, Police Forces have been reinforced !   The fear is that Extremist Islamic State terrorists could strike in crowded areas !

There have been reports of the arrest of suspected terrorists, but what can the Government do to bolster even more the safety of Spectators.   France decreed a  State of Emergency after the Terrorist attacks last November, which is still in operation at present.

To put it another way, "who is in charge" in France today ?  President Hollande or Philippe Martinez, the leader of the CGT Union ?