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Tuesday, 28 June 2016


In the UEFA Cup against Iceland, all the goals were scored in the 25 minutes after the start.   England played possession football and hogged the ball from the start, but lost 2-1 !

How many of these passes were played right in the middle of the Pitch ?  How many times did England finally get the ball into the Penalty area ?   How many times did they manage to get a shot at Goal ?  Not very often !

How could they get real low shots at Goal against an Islandic defence of 10 players, with the 11th player loitering on the half-way line waiting for a clearance from his defence ?

Should England's tactics not have been to punt the ball into their penalty area, with six or seven players sprinting there to have a shot at goal from close in, or to force Icelandic mistakes ? 

This may seem to be "kick and run" but the tactics used by England were ridiculous.  If a team is incapable of changing its tactics when they do not work, there need to be changes somewhere, which means not only among the players but also among the trainers !