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Wednesday, 22 June 2016


"Brexit" or not is the basic question voters will decide to-morrow ! 

The reasons for the way voters will decide appear to be more political than economical.

Opinion Polls have now predict that there will be a vote to "stay in the EU" ! 

Is this surprising ?  Perhaps not, for two main reasons :

1)  The economic arguments to leave the EU, "Brexit", or to stay in the EU, have not produced a convincing or alarmingly big difference.   To stay or to leave the EU would not be an economic disaster.
2)  Were the Opinion Polls up to last week,  perhaps wrong, because they did not properly weigh the impact of undecided voters ?

Finally, the fear of the "unknown" also plays a part.  The EU is undeniably in a mess and it must change !  It will change, even if only through upcoming National Elections.  

Why therefore vote for Brexit which could create a new crisis in Britain immediately !