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Thursday, 28 July 2016


A front page article in the Times today reveals  alarming information on the conditions of 12 300 Muslim inmates in British prisons.  

Of these, 131 are convicted Terrorists and " 1000 were considered to be at risk of radicalisation" !   They are visited by Imams who seem to introduce Islamic religious literature by well known authors.  A recent inspection of 11 prisons has led to the removal of certain books. 

It is not known if similar inspections in other EU countries have also been undertaken, but clearly efforts must be made to controle the indoctrination of impressionable inmates.  Particularly, the suitability of  Imams visiting prisons from known extremist Mosques, must be closely controled.   Non extremist Muslim Imams must play their part !

All the Leaders of the EU must also ensure the safety of their citizens.  To do so, a co-ordination of all their efforts must be undertaken.  "Brexit or not", Britain leads the way.   Doing nothing would certainly be regretted by all EU Electors sooner or later !


Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Everybody in Europe today is horrified by the barbaric assassination of the 86 year old Preacher Jacques Hamel, whose throat was slit by Muslim Terrorists in a Church in Normandy, while he was officiating !  His aggressors were shot dead by Police !

It reveals what happens when no exceptions are considered possible to Human Rights Legislation by any one EU Country, to even deter any potential Terrorist Killers. 

There are many forms of "soft justice", but in France the undeniable fact that Prisons are very overcrowded, is directly responsible for instructions that then lead to "soft justice" being administered.  This starts in the Courts of Justice, and continues later when early release from prison is being considered. 

Early release prisoners often re-offend and this is also true in the case of Terrorists.  They are often "known to the police" as well, but they are freed to again circulate among civilians !

Should individual countries in the EU, or the EU as a whole, not seriously examine how to counter Terrorism ?    The Islamic State has declared Total War : it kills to conquer !

It does not respect Human Rights : should the Death Penalty not be re-introduced for Terrorist attrocities for   the duration of this war ?

Exceptional circumstances require exceptional solutions !



Tuesday, 26 July 2016


During the last week there have been six Terrorist attacks in Europe, 4 in Germany and 2 in France !  After the Nice attack and its 84 victims, Terrorists today   murdered a priest in his Church : they cut his throat ! 

This makes inhabitants wonder why the Leaders of their countries, Chancellor Angela Merkel and President François Hollande, are still so reticent about strengthening, on a European basis, the protection of their countries ?  It may now be the annual vacation period, but Terrorist attacks started a long time ago and Terrorists never go on holiday ! 

The "Islamic State" is waging a new kind of "World War" with the secret Terrorist Cells it has created inside countries all around the World, not only in Europe ! Often Islamic agents secretly convert impressionable local nationals to their cause and then train them to kill by committing atrocities.  

Do European Leaders still have the option not to act and just to pray ? This aggression will not suddenly stop !  It will probably escalate and must therefore be opposed with a Warlike attitude and plan. 

Control all Frontiers, curtail the "freedom of movement" and, as François Fillon, the former Prime Minister and now a Presidential Candidate in 2017, has proposed,  build more specially adapted prisons in France ! 



The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee has, by its recent decision to invite "Clean" Russian Competitors to the RIO Olympics next week, avoided to take into account the accusations of rampant doping in Russia,  contained in the report of Professor McLaren.

Is it not the "Duty" of the Organisers of Sporting Events like the Olympic Games, where World and National "Records" can be expected, to ensure that competitors are tested to be "clean", i.e. "drug free", not only after events but also before ?  The use of illegal stimulents to win medals is always a temptation !

Trying to avoid all responsibility by delegating it to other Sport Federations, as in the case of "Weightlifting", Cycling, Wrestling and others, can never guarantee that Cheats will not win Medals, even without World Record performances !

It seems to be that it is the cost of such testing, which everyone wants to avoid !    Organisers of events are normally sure they will be profitable.  They must therefore also envisage to cover testing costs out of the profits they expect !   Nothing in life is absolutely free !

It would be interesting to know exactly what tests are planned to be made on all Medal Winners in RIO !  This would indicate at once if new records could be valid for registration !




Monday, 25 July 2016


The unexpected decision by the IOC Executive Board to permit "clean" Russian Competitors to participate in the RIO Olympics next week, raises one fundamental question :  
     - Will from the start a foolproof ANTI DRUG TESTING SYSTEM be in operation in RIO for all Olympic events which has the benediction of the IAAF and WADA ?

If the answer to this question, without any réservations, is "YES", then there seem to be no real reasons why any new records cannot be recognised officially !

However, if the benediction of the IAAF and WADA has not been officially obtained, any new National or World records in RIO cannot be accepted or recorded officially !

Will a quick answer be made available for all Competitors and Spectators ? 



Britain, but also countries in the EU, are faced with ever increasing requests from their citizens, for the sterner punishment of Criminals who commit "Hate Crimes".

To be very specific, the public everywhere is anxious over the repeated Terrorist attacks on innocent civilians, chosen haphazardly anywhere, all over Europe.   If the Terrorists survive their attacks and if they are caught, they languish in jail at taxpayers' expense !

This is because EU Leaders insist that the basic principle of "No Death Penalty" enshrined in EU treaties, must be respected !  Is this Policy right and suitable in all circumstances ?  European Civilians are clamouring for the Death Penalty to be reintroduced for Terrorists !

Are Islamic Terrorists not fighting a War to conquer more territories where they can ?  Is their ultimate aim  not the creation of an Islamic State ?   Do they not kill or slaughter anyone, anywhere, who tries to oppose them, always in the name of "Allah" ?

When countries are attacked they usually defend themselves by declaring "War".  Laws are changed, foes are killed in action or taken prisoner, to protect civilians and their country. 

What have the EU or the UK done to guarantee a better  protection for its citizens from Terrorist attacks ?  Are external AND internal frontiers really secure to prevent unwanted immigrants AND migrants from entering ?  Do any new Laws really deter Terrorists and also those who aid and abet them, before or after attacks ?



Sunday, 24 July 2016


The International Olympic Committee Executive Board (IOC EB) has finally decided that clean Russian Athletes, who have not been accused of Drug Offences and who have not served a period of suspension, can participate  at the RIO Olympic Games ! 

The relevant National Olympic Committees (NOC) are responsible to ensure that all athletes they send are clean.  Any suspected Athletes will be rigorously tested in RIO.

The IOC EB was forced to take this interim  decision now, due to a lack of time before the RIO Olympics start on August 5, 2016.  A final decision will be taken after all the Reports on Doping in Sport have been completed and studied !  The next IOC EB meeting will be held in December 2016.

Due to the serious and flagrant drug abuses in Russia, identified in Professor McLaren's Report, the general media impression was that Russia must be excluded from these Olympic Games, to serve as an example ! 

This would probably have caused Financial losses, but the IOC has deftly averted them for RIO !  At the same time the ultimate deterrent, to prevent future Drug Abuse in Sport was sacrificed !  This is very regrettable ! 

The IAAF and WADA, who have worked so hard to control Cheats in Sport, must now ensure that future Olympic Games adopt and apply one universal set of Drug Abuse Rules in Sport !          



Saturday, 23 July 2016


When the War in the Middle East ends, but after the total destruction of the Islamic State and its Terrorist Organisations, normal Muslims everywhere will be able to breathe a sigh of relief !  

It is then, however, that numerous problems will surface and before Middle Eastern countries can return to a normal and peaceful way of life, they will need all kinds of help.

It seems obvious that some sort of "Marshall Plan", like the one after the 2nd World War in Europe, will be needed, with monetary help for the poorer countries. 

Some towns and villages of the Middle East have been completely destroyed and the remaining inhabitants will  probably need food and medical aid to survive.

To ensure that the Peace in the Middle East does last and that all problems are calmly discussed and solved, it would seem that a political Union of ALL Middle East countries needs to be created ?  In spite of all its difficulties, the EU could serve as an example !

Different religions CAN live side by side harmoniously !  BUT, no one religion nor political party, nor any one country, should have a predominant voice or right, to impose the solutions it proposes !

Are different World Organisations like UNO, ready now and prepared to act and help, as soon as the Middle East War ends ?  



The International Olympic Committee at its meeting tomorrow, must ban Russia from competing in RIO next week ! 

It is the only way to stop Cheats and their trainers, now and forever, from using drugs to win medals at the expense of "clean" competitors.

Russia, in the Report by Professor McLaren, has been severely critised for permitting, even inciting, its athletes to use Drugs to improve performances in official Competitions. 

An article (1) in this Blog clearly explains that, if the IOC does permit Russia to compete in RIO, this would also accord a second chance to all other Cheats, like Russia, which are caught in the future !   It would set a precedent and destroy the effect of the McLaren Report !

It is clear that the absence of Russia in RIO could have a negative Financial impact on the RIO Olympics, but this could also be said of the ZIKA problem !

If now the IAAF and the IOC have ensured foolproof drug tests in RIO for ALL competitors,  NEW RECORDS, Olympic, National and World could be started !  This alone could provoke a huge upsurge of interest World-wide !
This is what the NEW ERA after the McLaren Report is all about ! 

(1) Read "Why let Russia compete in the RIO Olympics ?".




Friday, 22 July 2016


Comments on the radio early today revealed that 1 500 illegal immigrants were being evacuated from the Metro Jaures area in the north of Paris this morning !

Even more surprising is the fact that it is the 26th such evacuation since June last year.   The Socialist Government seems to consider that it is the responsibility of the Paris Council to cover this problem and, of course, that Parisians should bear the costs !

To solve the temporary misery of these people on a humane basis, who come from all over the World, why not create settlements elsewhere in Paris where unoccupied land is available.  For example, between the Elysee Palace and the Place Concorde ?

President Hollande's visitors from the EU, like Angela Merkel, could then get first hand experience of this  problem and then understand the urgency of a quick solution for Parisians ! 

The EU MUST close its Frontiers effectively and the consequent costs must be borne equitably by all EU members.  It is quite clear that all these immigrants did not arrive in France only on airplanes ! 

This is clearly an EU problem, not one for the Paris Council to solve !


Thursday, 21 July 2016


Last year, long before the recent publication of the McLaren Report, President Putin said that anyone guilty of condoning the use of illegal Drugs in Sport in Russia, would be replaced. 

President Putin then also quite rightly said that to exclude Russia completely from the Olympics and international sport, would punish many athletes who were clean because they had not illegally used drugs.  

In the circumstances this Blog agreed with his plea: at that time, the need for foolproof Drug Testing in athletics had become very evident.  Such tests at the RIO Olympics would ensure that Medals could not be won by cheats !   Will foolproof drug testing be in operation in RIO ? 

However, the severity of the findings in the report by Professor McLaren now reveals that the whole system in Russia, is and has been, rotten to the core for a long time !  Even at the time of the London Olympics in 2012 and the Sotchi Games, Russian Drug Cheats won Medals at the expense of clean competitors !

What is difficult to understand is why Sports Administrators are NOW still hesitating to expel Russia from the 2016 Olympics due to start on August 5, 2016 !

If Russia is not expelled, this would FOREVER serve as a precedent, and as a justification, for everyone and anyone, not only Russians, to have at least one second  chance, when Drug using competitors are caught  cheating in future ?

Russia must be expelled now, otherwise the scourge of the use of Drugs in Sport by Cheats will NEVER stop !


Tuesday, 19 July 2016


In Turkey, President Erdogan proposes to reintroduce the Death Penalty in order to restore the rule of law in his country, after the failed attempt to depose him.

This provoked a reaction at the EU Foreign Ministers Conference which promptly warned Erdogan against restoring the Death Penalty if ever in future Turkey wants to become a member of the EU ! 

Was this really an acceptable Diplomatic reaction from EU Foreign Ministers ?

Although the Death Penalty has been abolished in the EU there is at present a serious Security Problem which anxious Citizens want resolved.   Extremist Islamic Terrorists have attacked in France and Belgium and in other areas of the World, for at least four or five years.  In Nice 84 innocent citizens were slaughtered last week.  

Police shot dead some of the terrorists, either in self defence or to avoid the deaths of more citizens !   If terrorists kill but survive, should they benefit from the fact that the Penalty of Death no longer exists ?  Would this not mean that they would linger in Prison at the expense of Taxpayers ?

Should Foreign Ministers not be considering whether outright war should be declared by the EU against the Islamic State ?   How long will the EU just sit back and do absolutely nothing to either deter Terrorists or to protect its citizens against such determined assassins ?




Monday, 18 July 2016


The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls was booed and insulted, when he attended a Remembrance Ceremony in Nice to commemorate the 84 civilians who died after a lorry mowed them down on the Promenade des Anglais, on Bastille Day, July 14, 2016.

This attrocity in Nice after others in Paris and at a time when the State of Emergency was about to be ended,  has increased public anxiety everywhere in France.

Every now and again it is announced that other planned attacks by Terrorists have been successfully avoided following detective work by security services.  Does this really calm the nerves of the public ?  It seems not to be the case !

What the public really wants to know is that Terrorists with the intention of attacking are locked-up in a secure and remote prison !   That however is a problem !  In France prisons are bursting at their seams full of criminals.  To alleviate this problem, soft justice is dispensed...

When Electors vote next year some politicians will be in a state of shock over their result ! 



The report prepared by the Canadian Professor Richard McLaren clearly states that the Russian Ministry of Sport "directed, controlled and oversaw" the doping of athletes during a period of 4 years (2011/2015).

As a result Russia is expected to be expelled from at least the Olympic Games in Rio which start on August 5, 2016, but perhaps from other Competitions as well.

Russian President Putin, well known for his interest in sport, must have been fully aware of what was going on !  The Russian Ministry of Sport is financed by the Government and it has used the most unscrupulous methods to enable Russian athletes to win !  Cheating has been on a large scale and by any means possible. 

A Russian "judas" became an Informer and is now in hiding !

President Putin will certainly accuse the West of preventing many clean athletes in Russia from competing internationally !  Why punish everyone because of a few cheats ? 

Alas, this is not the case : there are just too many cheating athletes and trainers who have still not been removed from their posts after Putin's promises a few months ago !

Putin hoped for more adoration from his Citizens when Russian Athletes proved themselves to be better than those of other countries.   Now they will be disgusted with him because he stooped so low to ensure Russians would win !



Before any negotiations can officially start between Britain and the EU on the conditions and costs of the UK leaving the EU, the two Houses of Parliament must discuss and vote whether the UK should leave the EU !

The result of the Referendum was close and it is not at all certain how all 630 MPs in the House of Commons will vote.  What it did reveal is that Scottish electors voted to remain in the EU.   Likewise Northern Irish voters also.

If the UK MPs vote to leave the EU, there will be an immediate clamour by Scotland for Independence and by Northern Ireland to rejoin the Irish Republic !  In that way both could remain in the EU !

Theresa May, who became the new Prime Minister after the resignation of David Cameron, will be fully tested over this issue.  What negotiation conditions could the Parliamentary Vote impose ?  What would happen if the EU decides to "alter or update" its Treaties during the negotiations ?

Section 50 of the 2008 Lisbon Treaty indicates that negotiations could take two Years, but no other country has ever negotiated leaving the EU since that Treaty was adopted.   All that happens will become new Jurisprudence !

There are also many EU Officials, MEP's and UK MPs who regret that the UK might leave the European Union !All this could take much more time than expected !





Sunday, 17 July 2016


The Terrorist attack in Nice last Friday July 14, killed 84 people and more than 50 others are in hospital fighting for their lives.   Politicians, local and national, are all vehemently criticising the Government, Prime Minister Valls and President Hollande.

The Sunday Newspaper (Journal du Dimanche), has this morning published an interview with the Prime Minister, which reveals that he expects that there will be more Terrorist attacks in France for a long time to come.  At the same time he insists that he and President Hollande have taken all the measures possible to defend the country.

It goes without saying that this has enraged Politicians at all levels as well as Electors !   This adds to an already simmering political crisis, due to the fact that National Elections are due to take place in France next year !

The simple fact is that there has been a State of Emergency in France since the Terrorist attack on the Batagclan Club on 13 November 2015.  Since then the Emergency Powers have been regularly extended.  The real question is whether this is sufficient ?  

The I S (Islamic State) with the help of terrorist cells in many countries all over the World, callously kills anyone opposing them, which means all non-Muslims.  

Should France not strip Terrorists and their helpers of their Human Rights in the same way that they stripped their victims of all their rights, including the right to live ?        

Should France and other EU countries not now "get tough" and redefine and enlarge "Emergency Powers" ? 
Should the EU Council not propose an EU Directive, or is something more expedient required ?  How can it continue to do "nothing" except count refugees when the lives of EU citizens are at stake ? 


Saturday, 16 July 2016


Jubilant Muslim Extremists have claimed responsibility for the slaughter of 84 dead, innocent civilians in Nice on July 14, 2016.   One must add that there are more than 200 other victims and more than 50 are still fighting for their lives.

Yesterday, Religeous Ceremonies were massively attended by many bereaved families and friends, but also by members of the Public.  In particular, it was remarked that there was, on this occasion, a massive attendence of Muslim Faithfuls and the Leaders of their Mosques !  This has not, alas, been the case very often in the past !

Everyone, has mixed with Muslims, sometimes without realising it because they lead a normal life.  What is less understandable is why they, and in particular their  Leaders, do not clearly say, and more often in Public, that these "slaughters" by "Extremist Muslims in the name of Allah" are reprehensible !

What is the message that Imans in their Mosques preach to their Faithful ?   Did Mohammed really encourage his followers to slaughter everyone who does not follow the Muslim faith ?   What did he preach ?  This is what the non-Muslim Public wants to hear !

Should faithful Muslims not be encouraged to actively alert their "Leaders" of suspected behaviour by others in their Community, to prevent further attrocities, but, also to restore their reputation and that of the Muslim Faith ?           


Friday, 15 July 2016


Another Terrorist attack last night, on the 14th of July in Nice, France is again evidence that the Extremist Muslims are prepared to launch attacks in the EU, in the same way as they have done in other areas of the World !

France has already attacked splinter groups of Extremist Muslims in Africa and there is also an official "State of Emergency" in metropolitan France !   

Belgium was also attacked on March 22, 2016, (32 dead, 320 injured) and this after the discovery that Extremist Muslims had several Cells of Terrorists in the country !

The USA, Britain and France are also actively involved in the War against I S in the Middle East as members of  NATO !   What are other member countries of the EU in Nato doing in this War, besides just counting the number of fleeing Refugees ? 

The Islamic Terrorist War method is to exterminate  anyone who opposes their ultimate aim, which is to impose Islamic domination everywhere !   

When will the EU even "discuss" what could be done ?  When will the EU actively defend its citizens against this aggression ?   Could the EU at least, propose changes to unite the efforts of all countries which try to defend  their Citizens ? 

It is time to act !  Living EU citizens have had enough of the political hesitation and inaction of the last few years !



The Referendum Vote in Britain in favour of "Brexit" was close : 51.9% voted for Britain to leave the EU.  There is however, a lingering doubt whether the long term consequences of this vote is really what everyone wanted !  

Britain is geographically a part of EUROPE and over the years History has revealed that Britain has been a major actor and participant in all fields of activity which has benefitted Europe as much as it has benefitted Britain !  

It seems that there are many "non British" citizens AND politicians in the EU who would prefer Britain to remain as a member of the EU !

Also, the economic benefit for Britain on leaving the EU has never been convincingly demonstrated or proved.  The question then really becomes why did 51.9% of voters want Britain out of the EU ?  

The answer can only be that, it is the incapacity of the EU to update Treaties and to resolve its problems on a timely basis.  So did this finally convince British Voters they would be better off by abandoning the EU ! 

It is undisputable that the EU is at present bogged down, in a complete mess of quagmire proportions, which not even Angela Merkel, with the help of the EUROZONE  block vote, can solve.

Theresa May is now the new Prime Minister of Britain and she must negotiate Britain's next moves or trigger section 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to start withdrawal negotiations from the EU !  

Britain would be the first country to withdraw from the EU which means that section 50 has never been used before.   In spite of the EU rules no one, even specialist lawyers, can be sure how long negotiations could take. 

Before the end of the Brexit negotiations, Britain could  even hold another Referendum, if in the meantime the EU has been reformed ?  


Thursday, 14 July 2016


Leaders in the EU Council are scandalised by the fact that Manuel Barroso, the former President of the EU Commission (2004/2014), has obtained a key post in the Goldman Sachs Banking Group !  His knowledge of the EU Organisation and his contacts, will undoubtedly be greatly appreciated by his new Employers !

However, the real question is, "Has Barroso done anything wrong" in getting this Job ?  Morally perhaps, but legally perhaps not !   He should,  perhaps, have renounced his EU pension rights ! 

Is this not another prime example of outdated rules in the EU Organisation which need to be revised ?

During his term of office Barroso, a Portuguese national, did favour his country, but this was not a real problem.

Now the President of the EU Commission is Jean-Claude Juncker, a former Prime Minister of Luxembourg who was the favoured candidate of Angela Markel when he was appointed.   He too looks destined to stay in that post for at least 5 years if not more !  What will he do after that ?

Is it not time to undertake a serious review of the functions and obligations of the duties of the President of the EU Commission ?  Should at least this post, which links the activities of the EU Council and the EU Parliament, not be rotated and be occupied by a different and elected national representative every year ?

The MEPs in the EU Parliament now represent several new splinter groups.  They are in fact synonimous of the  new problems facing the EU like Refugees, Immigration, Migration, the War in the Middle East and the dominating influence of the Eurozone ! 

The EU must ACT and CHANGE !        



Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Rory McILROY is being attacked because, although he is a leading golfer, he has opted not to play in the Golf Competition at the RIO Olympics next month.  That is a personal choice, which he cannot be denied !  

He has also been criticised on Drug testing procedures in Golf, which he finds are weak and ineffective, not to say useless ! 

In both cases Rory McILroy was perhaps not very diplomatic when expressing himself.   However, what he was saying is what many other right thinking people want to hear ! 

Alas, Golf is not the only sport with weak drug testing procedures and during the coming RIO Olympics more such weaknesses could be discovered to astonish  sportsmen and spectators all over the world !   But, some of these weaknesses can only be found if the IAAF, under the guidance of Seb Coe, has imposed foolproof drug testing procedures at the RIO Olympics ! 




In spite of the risks of the ZIKA virus, without any clear advice from Specialists, Competitors and Spectators are expected in RIO for the Olympic Games next month.   

There seems to be a total lack of official guidance for either Competitors or even Spectators,  whether they are residents in Brazil or just visitors for the length of the Olympic Games.

Clearly, no one connected with the Organisation of the Games, wants to be held responsible for any negative remarks, which could impair the Financial benefits expected in Brazil above all, but also anywhere, through cancellations by tourists !

In fact, no World Health Organisation nor any World Sports Organisation has quantified the Risks and, above all, none has dared to provide insurance cover, if the Zika virus is contracted, either by competitors or tourists !

Only after the successful Rio Games will we learn the real costs !   But, no one will be held responsible !



Monday, 11 July 2016


On a perdu la finale, mais ce n'est pas la fin du monde.
Parmi les bonnes nouvelles :

 -  La France n'a pas demandé à quitter l'EU,
 -  La Bretagne n'a pas demandé son indépendance,
 -  La Guyane ne souhaite pas être rattachée au Brésil.
Nos amis d'outre-Manche eux, sont en plein doute...  veulent-ils "Brexit" ou pas?


Sunday, 10 July 2016


The problems which now provoke the riots in the USA between the Police and the White and non-White people living there, are not recent !   These problems have multiplied because past Presidents and Politicians have preferred to avoid this festering issue.

It seems clear that President Obama must intervene to calm everyone down at least temporarily, with the promise that both Presidential Candidates have agreed to address this issue if they are elected as the next US President !   This matter must be openly debated to find solutions which basically ensure the equality of both White and non-White people !

This Blog has already suggested that one could start with the restructuring of the Police forces in the USA !  Read the note below. 
This issue should not be treated as a political issue.  However, it does seem to be necessary to confirm that all Citizens of the USA have equal rights !   The Criminal Laws of the USA must be able to ensure that all citizens can live peacefully, and that ALL offenders who prevent this, will be punished !  

Perhaps even an Amendment to the US Constitution could be required !

Note: read the article in this Blog entitled "Does USA policing reflect Equality ? 



Saturday, 9 July 2016


France must be very wary when it plays against Portugal in the final of the UEFA Nations Cup, on July 10, 2016 as many other articles have underlined !

Portugal have several well known star players, each of whom could, in an instant, impact the result of the game. 

One of them is a well publicised forward by the name of Ronaldo !   He is talented and tall, heads a ball well and tackles ferociously, but he has a special "gift" !  If ever  he loses the ball, he quickly collapses in a heap and then tries to make "eye contact" with the referee to plead for a free kick !

Such "jinks" with "knowing eyewinks" to the bench are  well documented in televised reports, but some referees have been "hoodwinked" !     

France needs a tall defender to "look after" Ronaldo and loitering defenders to intercept any direct passes to him !  

Didier Deschamps, the French Manager, is certainly well aware of the problems Ronaldo poses !   Referees also, have the benefit of hindsight and will be on the alert !

Finally, if France attacks like it did against Germany and avoids "possessive" football, it could win !  The chances Ronaldo would get should be few, but one must not forget that there are other players in the Portuguese team !



European countries with Colonies have experienced the problems connected with the equality of white and non-white people.  The policing of disturbances of a racial nature, as in the USA to-day, therefore, provokes the following questions of a fundamental nature !

1)   On a "total" basis, of white and non-white citizens, in any area, is the white and non-white structure of the local police force similar ?
2)   Is this also reflected at the different levels of Police responsibility ? 
3)   Is there a basic principle that, for example, non-white officers are in the front line in non-white "areas" when there are disturbances ?  
4)   Are these basic principles always publicised and always applied ?

It is quite clear that there are uneducated "hooligans" that cause disturbances, but they can be white as well as non-white !   This is another, quite separate problem, generally connected with educational possibilities.   

Likewise, is the punishment of offenders the same for  whites and non-whites ?

The stories and pictures one sees continually in the press at present, reflects badly on the USA !


Thursday, 7 July 2016


Tony Blair was the Prime Minister of Britain in 1992 when, as the Chilcot Report reveals, like a lap-dog, he promised to blindly follow the decision of US President George W. Bush whether to invade Iraq or not. 

Blair did not even ensure that British troops were ready, or capable, or fully equipped enough, to undertake the task expected of them !

Blair "now" regrets what happened, perhaps because the Chilcot Report is comprehensive and does not distort the facts or whitewash him or any other politician ! 

At that time Blair was probably very sure that no one in his family would be on the Front Lines of the Invasion and risking their lives !  

Blair should now take a long, hard look at the 179 pictures of the soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq which are published in "The Times of London" this morning.  Some of the soldiers were 18 years old !   He should also take the time to think about their grieving families ! 

He cannot be too proud of his "Leadership" !

He can be sure that any future judgement of his 10 year  term in office as Prime Minister, will always contain a summary of the criticisms in the Chilcot Report.  This will be his Epitaph !   



Dans le journal " L' Equipe " la présentation quotidienne  des informations et des statistiques relatives au Tour de France est superbe mais un petit ajout pourrait encore plus aider les lecteurs !

Normalement un lecteur cherche à suivre une Equipe de Cyclistes ou un Cycliste en particulier.  Pour l'y aider, ne pourrait-on pas indiquer après le nom du coureur, le numéro de sa place dans le Classement Général ? 

Eventuellement, on pourrait aussi y indiquer son retard par rapport au Maillot Jaune, ce qui permettrait  d'apprécier également la vraie combativité des Equipes ! 


Tuesday, 5 July 2016


I S Extreme Muslim Terrorists, in the name of Allah, have been haphazardly killing civilians everywhere to conquer more territories wherever they can.   One of the main results has been an ever increasing inflow of fugitive refugees into EU countries.

Although many countries in the EU are members of NATO, it would seem that only two EU countries, France and the UK, are actively fighting in the war against the Islamic State, together with the USA !

Counting the Refugees fleeing to Europe is one thing, but should the EU not be making a bigger and more direct war effort in the fight against the I S ?   Would this not help to reduce the number of refugees fleeing to Europe ?

Putin and Russia are fighting to save Syria but only to preserve Russian interests in the Mediterranean.  When peace again prevails in the Middle East, Russia will want to be "rewarded", just like in 1945 !

Additionally, if the Brexit Vote does ultimately  mean that Britain is no longer part of the EU, will the EU Council decide to increase its war efforts against the I S ?  Or will it just accept to pay part of Britain's war costs ?