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Thursday, 14 July 2016


Leaders in the EU Council are scandalised by the fact that Manuel Barroso, the former President of the EU Commission (2004/2014), has obtained a key post in the Goldman Sachs Banking Group !  His knowledge of the EU Organisation and his contacts, will undoubtedly be greatly appreciated by his new Employers !

However, the real question is, "Has Barroso done anything wrong" in getting this Job ?  Morally perhaps, but legally perhaps not !   He should,  perhaps, have renounced his EU pension rights ! 

Is this not another prime example of outdated rules in the EU Organisation which need to be revised ?

During his term of office Barroso, a Portuguese national, did favour his country, but this was not a real problem.

Now the President of the EU Commission is Jean-Claude Juncker, a former Prime Minister of Luxembourg who was the favoured candidate of Angela Markel when he was appointed.   He too looks destined to stay in that post for at least 5 years if not more !  What will he do after that ?

Is it not time to undertake a serious review of the functions and obligations of the duties of the President of the EU Commission ?  Should at least this post, which links the activities of the EU Council and the EU Parliament, not be rotated and be occupied by a different and elected national representative every year ?

The MEPs in the EU Parliament now represent several new splinter groups.  They are in fact synonimous of the  new problems facing the EU like Refugees, Immigration, Migration, the War in the Middle East and the dominating influence of the Eurozone ! 

The EU must ACT and CHANGE !