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Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Everybody in Europe today is horrified by the barbaric assassination of the 86 year old Preacher Jacques Hamel, whose throat was slit by Muslim Terrorists in a Church in Normandy, while he was officiating !  His aggressors were shot dead by Police !

It reveals what happens when no exceptions are considered possible to Human Rights Legislation by any one EU Country, to even deter any potential Terrorist Killers. 

There are many forms of "soft justice", but in France the undeniable fact that Prisons are very overcrowded, is directly responsible for instructions that then lead to "soft justice" being administered.  This starts in the Courts of Justice, and continues later when early release from prison is being considered. 

Early release prisoners often re-offend and this is also true in the case of Terrorists.  They are often "known to the police" as well, but they are freed to again circulate among civilians !

Should individual countries in the EU, or the EU as a whole, not seriously examine how to counter Terrorism ?    The Islamic State has declared Total War : it kills to conquer !

It does not respect Human Rights : should the Death Penalty not be re-introduced for Terrorist attrocities for   the duration of this war ?

Exceptional circumstances require exceptional solutions !