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Monday, 25 July 2016


Britain, but also countries in the EU, are faced with ever increasing requests from their citizens, for the sterner punishment of Criminals who commit "Hate Crimes".

To be very specific, the public everywhere is anxious over the repeated Terrorist attacks on innocent civilians, chosen haphazardly anywhere, all over Europe.   If the Terrorists survive their attacks and if they are caught, they languish in jail at taxpayers' expense !

This is because EU Leaders insist that the basic principle of "No Death Penalty" enshrined in EU treaties, must be respected !  Is this Policy right and suitable in all circumstances ?  European Civilians are clamouring for the Death Penalty to be reintroduced for Terrorists !

Are Islamic Terrorists not fighting a War to conquer more territories where they can ?  Is their ultimate aim  not the creation of an Islamic State ?   Do they not kill or slaughter anyone, anywhere, who tries to oppose them, always in the name of "Allah" ?

When countries are attacked they usually defend themselves by declaring "War".  Laws are changed, foes are killed in action or taken prisoner, to protect civilians and their country. 

What have the EU or the UK done to guarantee a better  protection for its citizens from Terrorist attacks ?  Are external AND internal frontiers really secure to prevent unwanted immigrants AND migrants from entering ?  Do any new Laws really deter Terrorists and also those who aid and abet them, before or after attacks ?