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Tuesday, 5 July 2016


I S Extreme Muslim Terrorists, in the name of Allah, have been haphazardly killing civilians everywhere to conquer more territories wherever they can.   One of the main results has been an ever increasing inflow of fugitive refugees into EU countries.

Although many countries in the EU are members of NATO, it would seem that only two EU countries, France and the UK, are actively fighting in the war against the Islamic State, together with the USA !

Counting the Refugees fleeing to Europe is one thing, but should the EU not be making a bigger and more direct war effort in the fight against the I S ?   Would this not help to reduce the number of refugees fleeing to Europe ?

Putin and Russia are fighting to save Syria but only to preserve Russian interests in the Mediterranean.  When peace again prevails in the Middle East, Russia will want to be "rewarded", just like in 1945 !

Additionally, if the Brexit Vote does ultimately  mean that Britain is no longer part of the EU, will the EU Council decide to increase its war efforts against the I S ?  Or will it just accept to pay part of Britain's war costs ?