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Sunday, 17 July 2016


The Terrorist attack in Nice last Friday July 14, killed 84 people and more than 50 others are in hospital fighting for their lives.   Politicians, local and national, are all vehemently criticising the Government, Prime Minister Valls and President Hollande.

The Sunday Newspaper (Journal du Dimanche), has this morning published an interview with the Prime Minister, which reveals that he expects that there will be more Terrorist attacks in France for a long time to come.  At the same time he insists that he and President Hollande have taken all the measures possible to defend the country.

It goes without saying that this has enraged Politicians at all levels as well as Electors !   This adds to an already simmering political crisis, due to the fact that National Elections are due to take place in France next year !

The simple fact is that there has been a State of Emergency in France since the Terrorist attack on the Batagclan Club on 13 November 2015.  Since then the Emergency Powers have been regularly extended.  The real question is whether this is sufficient ?  

The I S (Islamic State) with the help of terrorist cells in many countries all over the World, callously kills anyone opposing them, which means all non-Muslims.  

Should France not strip Terrorists and their helpers of their Human Rights in the same way that they stripped their victims of all their rights, including the right to live ?        

Should France and other EU countries not now "get tough" and redefine and enlarge "Emergency Powers" ? 
Should the EU Council not propose an EU Directive, or is something more expedient required ?  How can it continue to do "nothing" except count refugees when the lives of EU citizens are at stake ?