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Saturday, 23 July 2016


The International Olympic Committee at its meeting tomorrow, must ban Russia from competing in RIO next week ! 

It is the only way to stop Cheats and their trainers, now and forever, from using drugs to win medals at the expense of "clean" competitors.

Russia, in the Report by Professor McLaren, has been severely critised for permitting, even inciting, its athletes to use Drugs to improve performances in official Competitions. 

An article (1) in this Blog clearly explains that, if the IOC does permit Russia to compete in RIO, this would also accord a second chance to all other Cheats, like Russia, which are caught in the future !   It would set a precedent and destroy the effect of the McLaren Report !

It is clear that the absence of Russia in RIO could have a negative Financial impact on the RIO Olympics, but this could also be said of the ZIKA problem !

If now the IAAF and the IOC have ensured foolproof drug tests in RIO for ALL competitors,  NEW RECORDS, Olympic, National and World could be started !  This alone could provoke a huge upsurge of interest World-wide !
This is what the NEW ERA after the McLaren Report is all about ! 

(1) Read "Why let Russia compete in the RIO Olympics ?".