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Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Rory McILROY is being attacked because, although he is a leading golfer, he has opted not to play in the Golf Competition at the RIO Olympics next month.  That is a personal choice, which he cannot be denied !  

He has also been criticised on Drug testing procedures in Golf, which he finds are weak and ineffective, not to say useless ! 

In both cases Rory McILroy was perhaps not very diplomatic when expressing himself.   However, what he was saying is what many other right thinking people want to hear ! 

Alas, Golf is not the only sport with weak drug testing procedures and during the coming RIO Olympics more such weaknesses could be discovered to astonish  sportsmen and spectators all over the world !   But, some of these weaknesses can only be found if the IAAF, under the guidance of Seb Coe, has imposed foolproof drug testing procedures at the RIO Olympics !