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Saturday, 23 July 2016


When the War in the Middle East ends, but after the total destruction of the Islamic State and its Terrorist Organisations, normal Muslims everywhere will be able to breathe a sigh of relief !  

It is then, however, that numerous problems will surface and before Middle Eastern countries can return to a normal and peaceful way of life, they will need all kinds of help.

It seems obvious that some sort of "Marshall Plan", like the one after the 2nd World War in Europe, will be needed, with monetary help for the poorer countries. 

Some towns and villages of the Middle East have been completely destroyed and the remaining inhabitants will  probably need food and medical aid to survive.

To ensure that the Peace in the Middle East does last and that all problems are calmly discussed and solved, it would seem that a political Union of ALL Middle East countries needs to be created ?  In spite of all its difficulties, the EU could serve as an example !

Different religions CAN live side by side harmoniously !  BUT, no one religion nor political party, nor any one country, should have a predominant voice or right, to impose the solutions it proposes !

Are different World Organisations like UNO, ready now and prepared to act and help, as soon as the Middle East War ends ?