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Tuesday, 26 July 2016


During the last week there have been six Terrorist attacks in Europe, 4 in Germany and 2 in France !  After the Nice attack and its 84 victims, Terrorists today   murdered a priest in his Church : they cut his throat ! 

This makes inhabitants wonder why the Leaders of their countries, Chancellor Angela Merkel and President François Hollande, are still so reticent about strengthening, on a European basis, the protection of their countries ?  It may now be the annual vacation period, but Terrorist attacks started a long time ago and Terrorists never go on holiday ! 

The "Islamic State" is waging a new kind of "World War" with the secret Terrorist Cells it has created inside countries all around the World, not only in Europe ! Often Islamic agents secretly convert impressionable local nationals to their cause and then train them to kill by committing atrocities.  

Do European Leaders still have the option not to act and just to pray ? This aggression will not suddenly stop !  It will probably escalate and must therefore be opposed with a Warlike attitude and plan. 

Control all Frontiers, curtail the "freedom of movement" and, as François Fillon, the former Prime Minister and now a Presidential Candidate in 2017, has proposed,  build more specially adapted prisons in France !