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Saturday, 16 July 2016


Jubilant Muslim Extremists have claimed responsibility for the slaughter of 84 dead, innocent civilians in Nice on July 14, 2016.   One must add that there are more than 200 other victims and more than 50 are still fighting for their lives.

Yesterday, Religeous Ceremonies were massively attended by many bereaved families and friends, but also by members of the Public.  In particular, it was remarked that there was, on this occasion, a massive attendence of Muslim Faithfuls and the Leaders of their Mosques !  This has not, alas, been the case very often in the past !

Everyone, has mixed with Muslims, sometimes without realising it because they lead a normal life.  What is less understandable is why they, and in particular their  Leaders, do not clearly say, and more often in Public, that these "slaughters" by "Extremist Muslims in the name of Allah" are reprehensible !

What is the message that Imans in their Mosques preach to their Faithful ?   Did Mohammed really encourage his followers to slaughter everyone who does not follow the Muslim faith ?   What did he preach ?  This is what the non-Muslim Public wants to hear !

Should faithful Muslims not be encouraged to actively alert their "Leaders" of suspected behaviour by others in their Community, to prevent further attrocities, but, also to restore their reputation and that of the Muslim Faith ?