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Sunday, 10 July 2016


The problems which now provoke the riots in the USA between the Police and the White and non-White people living there, are not recent !   These problems have multiplied because past Presidents and Politicians have preferred to avoid this festering issue.

It seems clear that President Obama must intervene to calm everyone down at least temporarily, with the promise that both Presidential Candidates have agreed to address this issue if they are elected as the next US President !   This matter must be openly debated to find solutions which basically ensure the equality of both White and non-White people !

This Blog has already suggested that one could start with the restructuring of the Police forces in the USA !  Read the note below. 
This issue should not be treated as a political issue.  However, it does seem to be necessary to confirm that all Citizens of the USA have equal rights !   The Criminal Laws of the USA must be able to ensure that all citizens can live peacefully, and that ALL offenders who prevent this, will be punished !  

Perhaps even an Amendment to the US Constitution could be required !

Note: read the article in this Blog entitled "Does USA policing reflect Equality ?