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Wednesday, 13 July 2016


In spite of the risks of the ZIKA virus, without any clear advice from Specialists, Competitors and Spectators are expected in RIO for the Olympic Games next month.   

There seems to be a total lack of official guidance for either Competitors or even Spectators,  whether they are residents in Brazil or just visitors for the length of the Olympic Games.

Clearly, no one connected with the Organisation of the Games, wants to be held responsible for any negative remarks, which could impair the Financial benefits expected in Brazil above all, but also anywhere, through cancellations by tourists !

In fact, no World Health Organisation nor any World Sports Organisation has quantified the Risks and, above all, none has dared to provide insurance cover, if the Zika virus is contracted, either by competitors or tourists !

Only after the successful Rio Games will we learn the real costs !   But, no one will be held responsible !