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Thursday, 28 July 2016


A front page article in the Times today reveals  alarming information on the conditions of 12 300 Muslim inmates in British prisons.  

Of these, 131 are convicted Terrorists and " 1000 were considered to be at risk of radicalisation" !   They are visited by Imams who seem to introduce Islamic religious literature by well known authors.  A recent inspection of 11 prisons has led to the removal of certain books. 

It is not known if similar inspections in other EU countries have also been undertaken, but clearly efforts must be made to controle the indoctrination of impressionable inmates.  Particularly, the suitability of  Imams visiting prisons from known extremist Mosques, must be closely controled.   Non extremist Muslim Imams must play their part !

All the Leaders of the EU must also ensure the safety of their citizens.  To do so, a co-ordination of all their efforts must be undertaken.  "Brexit or not", Britain leads the way.   Doing nothing would certainly be regretted by all EU Electors sooner or later !