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Tuesday, 5 July 2016


To beat Germany in the UEFA Cup, France must play better than when they won 5 - 2 against Iceland !  

France attacked in the first half of the match to lead at half time by 4 - 0 !  However, in the second half of the match France reverted to the possession style of football to defend its lead and it was Iceland which won that second half 2 - 1. 

How many times in the second period did one see forwards not attacking but passing the ball more than 25 meters, back to the defence ?    

France won the match, but the same tactics could be suicidal against Germany in the semi-final match on Thursday July 7, 2016 ! 

There is a saying in football, that the best method of defence is to "attack" !  Didier Deschamps the Manager, must not under-estimate the strengths and guile of Germany !