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Friday, 15 July 2016


The Referendum Vote in Britain in favour of "Brexit" was close : 51.9% voted for Britain to leave the EU.  There is however, a lingering doubt whether the long term consequences of this vote is really what everyone wanted !  

Britain is geographically a part of EUROPE and over the years History has revealed that Britain has been a major actor and participant in all fields of activity which has benefitted Europe as much as it has benefitted Britain !  

It seems that there are many "non British" citizens AND politicians in the EU who would prefer Britain to remain as a member of the EU !

Also, the economic benefit for Britain on leaving the EU has never been convincingly demonstrated or proved.  The question then really becomes why did 51.9% of voters want Britain out of the EU ?  

The answer can only be that, it is the incapacity of the EU to update Treaties and to resolve its problems on a timely basis.  So did this finally convince British Voters they would be better off by abandoning the EU ! 

It is undisputable that the EU is at present bogged down, in a complete mess of quagmire proportions, which not even Angela Merkel, with the help of the EUROZONE  block vote, can solve.

Theresa May is now the new Prime Minister of Britain and she must negotiate Britain's next moves or trigger section 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to start withdrawal negotiations from the EU !  

Britain would be the first country to withdraw from the EU which means that section 50 has never been used before.   In spite of the EU rules no one, even specialist lawyers, can be sure how long negotiations could take. 

Before the end of the Brexit negotiations, Britain could  even hold another Referendum, if in the meantime the EU has been reformed ?