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Thursday, 18 August 2016


A Muslim woman was asked to leave the beach on the Croisette in Cannes because she was wearing a Burkini.  Other burkinied women have been verbalised. This is the application of a local measure adopted by the Cannes Municipality very recently. 

Prime Minister Valls has supported such local  measures by several seaside resorts in France, if they are trying to prevent public disturbances.  

In the present context of Terrorist attacks, it  seems clear that Valls wants to provoke more respect by Muslims of the rules of Laïcity in France !  Alas, all it has provoked is a multitude of reactions which reveal the flaws in his approach !

What is wrong if a Muslim woman, or any other woman, wants to go for a swim fully dressed ?  The Burkini is not the same as a Burka (1) which hides the face completely, except for two little slits which permit the wearer to see.  

How many fully dressed Grandmothers have walked along a beach in shallow water ..... without any comments from anyone ?  How many men swim with teeshirts and long legged pants ?  The freedom of how to dress on the beach must be respected !

However, when one sees the overweight, even disgraceful, men and women on beaches, spread out on towels and soaking up the sun, one has the impression that they would benefit by wearing a burkini !

(1) French law clearly forbids the wearing of Burkas, but  unfortunately this law is frequently not respected !