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Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Before "Brexit" negotiations can be officially launched,  two basic Rules must be observed ; 

1° - The Prime Minister, Theresa May, must first obtain the agreement of MPs, after a vote in the House of Commons, which gives her the  Authority to start Negotiations for Britain to leave the European Union. 

2° - To start Negotiations officially with the EU, an Official Request must be made to the EU in accordance with Section 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.  The Negotiations will then last two years, but longer if required.  They cannot start before the Official Request ! 

In the meantime some of Britain's rights in the EU have been atomatically suspended.  For example, it can no longer participate in any "Brexit" discussions or votes anywhere !

However, unofficial talks to test reactions have already started !   Britain is the first country which "may" want to leave the EU under Section 50 !   Other Countries are already closely watching and some legal precedents will probably be created during the "Brexit" discussions which could affect other future "Exits" ! 

Many countries are dissatisfied with the inertia in the EU. They want changes and updates in Treaties, to limit the consequent upheavals in the EU (particularly due to immigrants), provoked by Islamic State Attrocities in the Middle East War and also in Europe !  

Chancellor Merkel in Germany and President Hollande in France (the "junta" of the EU) are both facing perilous re-elections in 2017 !   The Heads of State could change, perhaps in both countries ! 

In Britain, many Captains in both Industry and  other  areas, openly question whether Britain should not hold a new Referendum at a later date before section 50 is triggered !
Opinions in EUROPE have have and are changing.  A stagnant EU cannot survive with outdated principles in this ever changing World !

Theresa May, the new British Prime Minister,  must already be aware of this and will have to act accordingly.