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Thursday, 25 August 2016


Not for the first time are the Leaders in the EU hesitating about measures concerning the security of EU Countries.    
It is obvious and clear to any thinking person, that when Extreme Islamic Terrorists, in the name of "Allah", slaughter innocent civilians, something needs to be done, and quickly !

The Islamic State, with its Terrorists, is waging a WAR in the Middle East AND also against EU countries like France, Belgium, Germany and Britain.  The EU must  defend itself, not just hope that nothing will happen !

After Refugees flooded into Europe the EU decided that external EU Border controls should be tightened !

Some countries then used wire fencing on all their external and internal EU borders, to keep out unwanted refugees.  The EU was not opposed.
Some countries then introduced controls on internal EU Borders.  The EU agreed, and even Germany did the same thing recently !

The principle of the freedom of movement inside the Schengen area, is now no longer respected ! 

In spite of all the foregoing, the EU is now still wondering if an EU army formed by soldiers from all EU countries should be created !   Does the EU secretly think that, because France is fighting in the Middle East with Britain, the USA and Russia, that it is safe and that the EU does not really need to do anything more ?

The War in the Middle East started seriously two years ago !  It is in 2014 that an EU Army should have been created !   It could have been quickly used to control EU borders for example !

Why is the EU Council in Brussels so slow ?  If nothing is done, there will be other countries which could also seek a "Brexit" to get better and quicker protection for their Citizens !