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Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Everyone in France wonders whether François Hollande will be a candidate for a Second Term as President ! 

In fact, people in France are doubtful if Hollande still has any real chance of winning if he does decide to stand !   Basically, the underlying, acid question really is, "Do French Electors still "trust" Hollande" ?

What could happen to reverse the damning evidence of Opinion Polls ?  They reveal that since 1958, when De Gaulle created the 5th Republic, Hollande has the lowest rating of any of the 7 Presidents elected since then !

Before he was elected in May 2012 he vowed to reduce "Unemployment" !   Every year he repeated : "next year the curves on the chart will invert".   He also vowed to streamline costs !   The reality is that he has achieved neither of these promises !  

Furthermore, due to repeated Islamist Terrorist Attacks, there is a feeling of insecurity in France.   Electors now no longer have the confidence that François Hollande is  capable of finding the solution to reduce the threat of Terrorism.

The next President of France, whether he comes from the political Right or Left, must bring convincing solutions for the overriding problems of Unemployment and Security in France !