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Thursday, 11 August 2016


At last, after the recent unexpected Terrorist Attacks in Germany (Würzburg and Ansbach), the Minister of the Interior of the CDU-SPD coalition Government, Thomas de Maiziere, is urgently proposing special measures to protect German civilians.  

Citizens have voiced concerns about their safety but the added fear that a General Election must be held in Germany in 2017, has provoked justified controversy over what should be done !

Mr de Maiziere has proposed,

   -  Banning the wearing of Burkas in public,
   -  Stripping dual-nationals of their Passports if they fight for Islam,
   -  Deportation of suspects,
   -  Lifting the Medical Secrecy by Doctors if they have suspicious patients.

One obvious comment is that none of these measures alone will stop any Attacks by determined Terrorists.  However, some measures which have not yet been ventilated could entail changes to the German Constitution, but could also infringe EU Treaties !

Likewise, some propositions for new Anti-Terrorist laws may also interest other EU countries like France and Belgium !

Germany has for a long time opposed changes to EU Treaties but now in time of need, may be ready !   Are the recently increased EU Border Controls, proposed even for Inside the EU, properly authorized in EU Treaties ?

At best, the anti-Terrorist laws now desperately wanted in Germany, can now be seriously debated at EU level !