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Sunday, 21 August 2016


Already one year has passed since Angela Merkel invited 800 000 refugees from Syria into Germany, but also invited other EU countries to make a similar gesture !

Her personal compassion for refugees was immediately admired, but other leaders of EU countries were horrified at the thought of the invasion of refugees, not only from  Syria but other war-torn countries worldwide. 

When more than a million refugees converged on Germany, Merkel tried to share the burden by imposing an allocation on other EU countries !

This compounded her initial folly and then splits in the EUROZONE became evident !  At this point the question became, did she obtain the autorisation beforehand to invite all these Refugees either into the EU or into Germany ! 

Her next step was to broker a deal with Erdogan, the ruthless President of Turkey, to stop or reduce the flood of refugees getting into the Schengen area of the EU.  Erdogan agreed to accept from the EU the Financial help proposed, but he also wanted other incentives like the ultimate possibility of Turkey joining the EU !  

This deal seems to have gone sour, particularly now that Erdogan has also sought an alliance with President Putin of Russia !  It is clear that the ultimate boundaries of the EU need to be limited and must be defined !

Merkel is also facing an uncertain future due to the upcoming General Election in Germany next year !  There is a growing opposition against her in the Coalition of her CDU Party with the Social Democrats.  Other small parties, not only in Germany but throughout the EU, are all gaining growing support on the issue of immigration.

To put it bluntly, there could be changes coming.  There are other politicians who would dearly like to become the next Chancellor of Germany !