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Monday, 1 August 2016


The 2016 Olympic Games start in RIO on August the 5th and this could produce even more surprises concerning the illegal use of Drugs by Competitors to improve their performances.

The "moment of truth" now arrives for competing "Cheats", but also for "Organisers" !  

If Organisers of the RIO Olympics have neglected their duties and not  introduced "foolproof and watertight" drug-testing obligations for competitors, BEFORE and AFTER events, how else could anyone be sure that Medal Winners are clean ?   How else could any new World or National records be accepted and registered officially ?

The IOC Executive Board have decided to accept "clean" Russian competitors in RIO.  This was in spite of the WADA report by Professor McLaren, which severely criticised the non-intervention of the Russian State, and indirectly, of President Putin, to prevent the illicite use of Drugs by its athletes.   Only athletes who have served a period of suspension have been barred from RIO ! 

Have WADA and the IAAF examined the organisation for the drug control tests in RIO to be used during the Olympic Games ?  Did they approve it ?  If not, it could again take years to verify that the Drug Test samples were "clean"  and that the Medals were correctly awarded and only to "clean" athlètes, whether they are Russians or from other countries !