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Sunday, 28 August 2016


During the weeks preceding the Olympic Games in RIO there were daily articles in the press about the Report on Drug Abuse, the IAAF banning all Russians from competing and also fears that the ZIKA virus could spread !

At the last minute the International Olympic Committee - Executive Board decided that only Russians who had not been banned in the past, would be permitted to compete in RIO !   At least this "saved" the Olympic Games from any further Financial Ruin !  

This decision also saved the faces of Russian Sports Administrators (and President Putin) who had been accused of blatant state intervention to provide drugs to Russian competitors to enhance their performances !

Since then all Reports concerning the Olympic Games have only covered the splendid results of all competitors and the magnificence of the Spectacle in RIO.  It is true, the Games seem to have been a real success.

However, there are unanswered questions !  Were the drug controls systems in RIO satisfactory ?  Did WADA and the IAAF, for example approve the Drug Control Systems used in RIO ?  Will any new National or World Records be accepted or not ?

There has been little or no information in the Press for the last three weeks, except for one or two exceptions !  The future of Sport and Sportsmen, not only Athetics and Athletes, depends on the answer !