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Monday, 8 August 2016


Sir Philip Craven, the President of the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) has announced that Russia has been banned from sending athletes to the Paralympic Games which start in RIO on September 7, 2016.

The motivation for this decision is the Report by Professor McLaren which revealed that the RUSSIAN STATE sponsored and encouraged the use of Drugs in Sport.   President Putin and the Sports Ministry were clearly aware of this.

Any right thinking person can only applaud this decision because the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) under the leadership of Seb Coe wanted this Report to be the cornerstone of the NEW ERA of clean Drug Free athletes and Drug Free Records !

Alas, many people were surprised and dismayed by the IOC - EB (International Olympic Committee - Executive Board) when it decided to invite "clean" Russian Athletes to RIO !  They followed the plea from President Putin who said it was wrong to ban "clean athletes" !  In this way Totalitarian Leaders save their reputation and the Olympics avoid the Financial repercussion !

What is quite clear is that any new National or World records established during the current Olympic Games can only be accepted and justified as being "NEW and CLEAN" records, if competitors are properly drug tested before and after their event !

If the IOC has not installed a rigorous foolproof Drug Testing System in RIO, any "records" can only become "Olympic Records in RIO" !

To be quite clear, it is not only Russians and Athletes which need to be tested !   ALL  Competitors must be tested !   Cheats and liars must be stopped ! 

The breaking news this morning is that the Kenyan Track and Field manager has been sent home !   He had systems to circumvent drug controls !