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Tuesday, 16 August 2016


It was the promise of President Obama in 2009 that the Guantanamo Bay Prison would be closed, but although many inmates have been "relocated" in other countries and some have been released, there are still prisoners detained in that prison !

It would be irresponsible to release dangerous criminals back into society : some would again want to purge their hatred and recommit crimes.   Some of these detainees are quite sane, others simple minded or mad, but often they have been manipulated and backed by Terrorist Organisations and could start again if released !  

During the last seven years the World has changed and  the rise of Extremist Islamic terrorism in many areas of the World, is still inreasing !   Yet, it is the big weakness of the EU at this moment, that no country has a totally secure Prison with enough room to house dangerous terrorists in isolation !

Prisons in the EU are overcrowded and fertile breeding grounds for Terrorist Organisations to indoctrinate future Jihadists who are ready to die for Islam ! 

Will the next President of the USA not be expected to protect the Human Rights of normal citizens to "live" ?  Could anyone today justify the closing of the Guantanamo Prison ?