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Friday, 30 September 2016


A new scandal has shaken a Catholic Community, this week in Alsace : a Catholic priest of the diocese of Strasbourg finds himself in prison for suspected rape and embezzlment of money  destined to his Parish. 

This is just the latest example of the Scandals which embarrass the Catholic Church and which sometimes become known to the public.

In an article published in this Blog (1) on March 16, 2016 (1), a short review of these problems ended with the proposal that Pope Francis,  should at least consider changing the Celibacy Rules. 

He the Leader of the Catholic Church and he is already well loved and respected by everyone.   He is, therefore, the best person to lead such a debate and to adopt a satisfactory conclusion !

(1)  Read : "Pope Francis : why not change the Celibacy Rules ?". 



Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Elected as the first woman Mayor of Paris in 2014, Anne Hidalgo has launched plans to reduce the Air Pollution in Paris, which long term, will lead to a reduction of the number of cars which daily fill the capital.

The first big steps are to close the fast flowing roads on the side of the Seine in the centre of Paris to create more green open spaces where Parisians can relax in the open air.  On Weekends this has already been tested, while cars have also been restricted from approaches to various tourist landmarks. 

These measures will obviously create more traffic jams and not only at rush hours.  Already the oldest cars, lorries and coaches have been restricted or banned from Paris.  This Policy will be extended.

However, a French Presidential Election followed by a General Election will take place in May next year and Mayor Anne Hidalgo, a Socialist, will not want to "rock the boat" and endanger the chances of her Party by announcing "all" the details of her plans before the autumn next year !  

For example, what all Parisian residents would dearly like to know is, will she ban or penalise Motor Bikes, which are parked daily on pavements "helter-skelter", without any respect for the rights of pedestrians, invalids or parents with prams !    The usual glib reply to such a question is "The police use their discretion" !



Monday, 26 September 2016


Does anyone have the intention of respecting the Syrian Casefire so that urgent supplies like food and water, can be delivered to a starving  population of more than 2 million people in Aleppo, by United Nations convoys ?

Russia is backing Bachar el Assad with military weapons in the War with the West, against the common enemy, the I S Terrorists.  Russia is also blitzing key positions, but always totally denies missing any targets which kill civilians or Inspectors from UNO instead ! 

WHY are Russia and Putin, backing Assad ?  Is their main ulterior motive not to save their bases on the Syrian coast, and to obtain a key foothold in the Mediterranean Sea basin for the Russian fleet ?  Or are there other longer term aims ?

Bachar el Assad is the "elected" President of Syria, but he has been accused of Crimes against Humanity after  killing thousands of his citizens, mainly because they opposed him politically.   They then joined I S cells to fight Assad.   Putin has helped him to stay in power, but why ?  Would Russia ever help to rebuild Syrian towns which have now been completely destroyed ? 

History reveals that whenever Russia joins the fight, it always wants a share of the spoils afterwards !




L’association « appeal of conscience » basée à New York,  a élu F. Hollande «  Homme d’ Etat mondial ».
Nous décernons à notre tour le prix international de l’humour politique à cette association .


Sunday, 25 September 2016


Too often one reads that a well known National or  Supra-National politician has abused the trust which has been placed in him, for personal gain and greed !

Recently we had the case of Barroso the former President of the EU Commission who retired and joined Goldman Sachs.  Now it appears that  Neelie Kroes, a Vice President in the Barroso Commission, did not reveal when she joined, that she was a Directress of an Offshore company in the Bahamas !     

Sometimes those who remain unpunished have received the benefit of the doubt, because their financial abuse was not illegal according to  existing rules or laws !

However, the non payment of tax due is always punishable for everyone, even with imprisonment !  But, not disclosing assets, or "profiting from inside information obtained in the exercise of one's duties", is more difficult to prove, yet it is a serious issue.   Even more so when the person is highly remunerated !

To deter such crimes by politicians, should any abuse not be punishable by the cancellation of their retirement pensions, which are often very generous ?  

Politicians are very well placed to ensure the adoption of such a law, or of any other punishment deemed appropriate !   Something needs to be done !



Pope Francis invited the families and close friends of the 84 dead and 100+ injured victims, to visit the Vatican, after a truck mounted the pavement and plowed into spectators on Bastille Day in Nice on July 14, 2016. 

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for this massacre ! 

Pope Francis lead a Rememberance Service for the many Christians, Jews and Muslims who were invited, last Saturday, September 24, 2016.  His message was "Do not judge, do not condemn, but forgive" !  They were words of comfort and peace. 

Many bereaved instantly expressed their gratitude to the Pope !  He had given them all a memory to help them forget this tragedy.

It should also be noted that 30% of the mourners at the Service given by Pope Francis in the Vatican were Muslims !  This really does underline the fact that the vast majority of Muslims in the West do not accept or advocate the actions of the Extremist I S Terrorists, neither in the Middle East, nor in Europe or elsewhere ! 



Wednesday, 21 September 2016


The Minister of Justice, Jean-Jacques Urvoas has proposed a long-term plan to launch the increase of the number of prison cells in France.

At present there are 68 819 convicts who occupy cells initially planned for 54 365 inmates, an over density of 140% !  There is also a reserve capacity of 4 142 empty cells for imminent convicts.  

As Mr Urvoas quite rightly says, previous Governments and the current one also, have never invested enough to permit the construction more prisons cells to reduce the over-capacity problem.   His long-term plan up to 2025 would span more than one future Presidency or Government but this obligation should be understood by all Political Parties and included in their future plans !

For his short term plan he requests Prime Minister Valls to authorise contracts amounting to 1.1 billion Euros. 

One key subject not covered by the Justice Minister in his presentation is the isolation of Extreme Muslim Terrorists from other civilian prisoners !  At present they indoctrinate and convert other gullible prisoners to participate in Islamic attacks on innocent civilians.   

This problem has become very evident only in recent years.   It means that a special prison to house such Terrorists in isolation is required (1).  This is also a typical EU-wide problem : smaller countries cannot afford such specialised facilities !

(1)  Read the article in this Blog entitled "EU must build prisons for Terrorists", dated September 10, 2016.                            

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


One year ago, out of pure compassion, Angela Merkel unexpectedly invited 800 000 refugees from Syria to come and work in Germany !   Since that moment she has spent the worst 12 months of her Political Life !

When more than 1.1 million refugees arrived, not only from Syria but also from other war-torn, hot spots of the World like Afghanistan, she compounded her error by wanting to allocate 260 000 to other countries in the EU. There was  immediate opposition, particularly by smaller EU countries ! 

She then tried to engage the help of Erdogan in Turkey to reduce the flow of migrants to Greece and into the EU, but this again failed miserably.

Now recent Regional Elections in Germany have turned against her own CDU Party and its Coalition partners, the SPD.  Last week in her own constituency of Mecklenburg the Coalition lost its majority.  This last weekend it lost its majority in Berlin !  These shocks were much worse than expected !

In fact, new opposition Parties have grown  rapidly due to the flood of immigrants.  Merkel is now quite contrite.  There is a General Election on the horizon in the Summer of next year and her Coalition has clearly lost its majority. 

Can she find a way to remain the Chancellor of Germany and the Leader of the Eurozone ?  Over the years Merkel has achieved many good things for Germany, but.... 

The unexpected BREXIT vote by British Electors is another thorn in her side, because this as well as Immigration, is provoking a review of what is wrong in the EU and what needs changing !

Theresa May, the new British Prime Minister, has delayed starting BREXIT negotiations until next year.  If now the EU starts to update its Treaties and modernises its Rules, particularly with respect to Immigrants,  another Referendum Vote (Brexit or not) could  be proposed to British Electors ! 



Monday, 19 September 2016


Not everyone outside Russia knows that Parliamenary Elections to the Duma have taken place this weekend. 

What is interesting is that this "election" demonstrates perfectly the difference between "Totalitarian Power" and what in the West is termed as "Democracy" ! 

There are 450 Seats in the lower house DUMA Federal Assembly of Russia.  The Party with the most "elected" MPs is United Russia, chaired by Dmitry Medvedev, the former President but now the Prime Minister.

To ensure the continuation of Totalitarian Power in Russia, the United Russia party has the right to nominate 225 candidates to stand alone in 225   constituencies !



Jean-Claude Juncker was a former Luxembourg Prime Minister before Angela Merkel sponsored him as a candidate and he was appointed President of the EU Commission.  He was to be the link between the EU Parliament and the EU Council.

He has worked closely with Merkel since then, but from his recent speeches it is not clear whose opinion he is championing !   Is it that as the President of the EU Commission, or as Merkel's mouthpiece, or just his personal opinion ?  

Juncker has been making speeches which reveal his total desperation !   Most recently he hoped that Britain would get out of the EU as fast as possible, because this would be the end of the veto GB uses and which prevents the EU from having its own Army with Military Headquarters ! 

Juncker does not seem to know post-war history, or chooses to ignore it !   After the second world war, the USA, Britain and France wanted to avoid another World War in Europe !   The solution was that NATO would also invite European Nations and that they could also contribute troops and arms.  

De Gaule and Adenauer understood and respected the aims of NATO when they  negotiated their EU partnership, the French /German Junta !

This never meant that the EU cannot form a Multi-National Police Force to control EU Frontiers on land and sea, with all types of necessary Vehicules or Ships.   But, it did mean that using serious Military Equipment could only be undertaken in the Framework of NATO ! 

If the flow of Immigrants had been properly controled at all EU Frontiers and if the EU had updated its Treaties, to protect its place in this changing World, British voters in the Referendum probably would NOT have voted for a "BREXIT" ! 

Theresa May, the new British Prime Minister, knows this and has delayed the final application to start BREXIT negotiations, until next year !   If the EU changes, would a BREXIT be appropiate ?   Has Britain not been a key actor sometimes in European history ?

However, it was a relief when Donald Tusk, the President of the EU Council, last week suggested that a complete review  must be undertaken, to sort out all the problems the EU has a present !   He knows  that one cannot and should not, ignore  the growing opposition to more immigrants being invited to the EU !     



Friday, 16 September 2016


Donald Tusk, the President of the EU Council, will propose that the 27 EU Leaders MUST NOW and in the coming weeks, make an honest examination to identify all the problems of the EU at their Meeting in Bratislavia today, September 16 2016.   This is much needed but also very overdue ! 

Due to the "Brexit" Referendum Vote, Britain the 28th EU country will not assist at this Meeting !    It is quite clear the "Brexit" result was a shock and unexpected in the EU as well as in Britain !
Some EU Leaders will breathe a sigh of relief at Britain's absense ... but not all the Leaders ! 

several countries in the EU feel insecure because of the lack of Border Controls and the arrival of unending flows of Refugees from all over the World and their allocation to EU countries ! 

Some countries may even want to follow Britain's lead and plan their own "Exit".......if finally nothing happens after today's Meeting in Bratislavia !



Sunday, 11 September 2016


The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has proposed the opening of two small Reception Centres for NEW Refugees arrivals, one in the North of Paris with 600 places, and one in the South with 350 places.  

For Parisians, the sight of the same beggars every day,  parked on same corners of the road at key Tourist Sites, is a worrying eyesore !   These are NOT the traditional French beggars so well known (and loved !) until some 30 years ago !

These decisions of the Mayoress of Paris are really totally inadequate for the number of refugee arrivals.  The Centres will be quickly saturated, probably within 24 hours !  In this context one must not forget the problems faced by Calais and its refugee centres like Sangatte !

This "solution" does nothing to solve the ROOT CAUSE  of the Problem !   Refugees are fleeing for their lives from the Middle East, because their homes and cities have been destroyed by IS Terrorists !   Nothing is left of the life they once enjoyed !  The IS kills mercilessly to gain more land and power !

The very people who now flee, should one day be the ones who rebuild their damaged towns, after  the IS has been anihilated by the West and Russia !  

Should all politicians not consider creating a "Patriotic Liberation Army" with young refugees ?  Should they not be fighting alongside Soldiers from Russia and the West, already serving there ?

Would such an army not provide more hope for the fleeing Refugees in Europe ?   Also, could they not provide valuable help with their knowledge of the Middle East cities ? 




Saturday, 10 September 2016


The prisons in several EU countries (Britain + France) are overcrowded and therefore not at all suitable, above all, to ensure the incarceration and isolation of condemned Terrorists ! 

To alleviate the problem temporarily, "soft justice" is dispensed and this then breeds  contempt of the law !  What is worse is that "terrorists" are forced to mix with gullible, smaller criminals.   Terrorists have ample time  in prison, to convert criminals to Terrorist causes and actitvites !  This has been frequently underlined.

Smaller EU countries are certainly not equipped with  preventive prisons to contain Terrorists in safe custody. Should the EU not build one or two Prisons, in isolated places, to house these dangerous Terrorists ?

The Islamic State with its Extremist Terrorists does not need such prisons !   Their sole objective is to shoot and kill !   The EU needs Laws which will permit Judges to imprison Terrorists in isolation, but for long terms ! 

Do Terrorists not regularly deprive their innocent victims of their Human Right to live ?    Yet, when these Terrorists survive and are detained, do they not at once  "claim all their Human rights" ? 

The second world war ended 70 years ago.  Now there is another Global War by Islam.   These new prisons will be  needed for a long time !



Friday, 9 September 2016


President Hollande is an incurable optimist !   He wants to stand for a second term of 5 years, but Popularity Polls reveal that only 12% of the electors want him to stand ! To be quite blunt, 88% do not want to see him as a candidate !

This reflects the general opinion in France that Hollande's first 4 years as President have been a total disaster !

His hour long, well prepared, televised presentation yesterday, of what he has achieved as President since May 2012, was perfect and admirable.  BUT, as usual, he omitted any allusion to the crucial problems which await the next President, who will be elected by the second and final round of votes by Electors in May 2017 ! 

These problems not highlighted by Hollande concern :

1)  The control of immigrants inside the EU, at French frontiers, particularly those with Italy !
2)  The reduction of the Unemployed in France.
3)  Trimming the overhead costs of Government Departments.
4)  Delaying the retirement dates of all workers, State and Private !  Pension cost reserves are too low and ongoing costs are not covered by current contributions. 
5)  Reduce the tax increases of middle classes !
6)  Re-establish the equality in the EU Relationship with Germany, because Merkel has become too dominent ! 
7)  Construct more purpose-built prisons to rehouse ISIS Terrorists ! Perhaps this should also involve the EU ! 

All these points AND others will be raised and discussed during the next few months in the Presidential Campaign.  

Finally, will Hollande be a candidate ?  It is said that  he will communicate his decision in December 2016.  Will he really then accept to take part in the Socialist Primary ?  Socialists want his decision much earlier - so they can prepare properly !


Thursday, 8 September 2016


In an hour long televised speech, President Hollande justified everything he had done in his first four years as President of France. 

Without mentioning his name, François Hollande did criticise former President Sarkozy and his programme on several occasions !

However, Hollande was very careful not to reveal his secret intention, which is to stand next year in May for a further term of five years as President !  

This is a secret for no one in France and neither is the fact that his popularity today of 12%, is the lowest of any prior President of the Fifth Republic !

As usual, he avoided any comments on weak spots during his Presidency : high unemployment, higher national debt and uncontrolled immigration !

He was proud to have upheld the respect of basic French principles now practiced World-wide, particularly Laïcity and the Muslim faith in France ! 

He said the Law was applied in France, but omitted to mention the fact that "soft justice" was required, because prisons are vastly overcrowded !  The Legal profession in France is worried by this, plus the fact that Muslim extremists influence other prisoners, with whom they are in contact during their detention ! 



Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Rising tensions over the increasing numbers of Migrants in the "Calais Jungle" came to a head yesterday  (Monday September 5, 2016), when Lorry drivers blocked all traffic on the road leading to the port of Calais. 

They were joined by exasperated Calais residents who live near the Jungle Camps in Calais, Coquelles and Sangatte. Everyone vented their fury over the dangers they encounter, when faced with desperate Migrants, who all want a lift in a Lorry to reach Britain, or simply Food to eat !

The problems in Calais result from the flawed controls at external EU Borders, but also inexistent controls at internal Borders which France has with other EU countries, particularly Italy !  All Refugees or Migrants know the weak points, before they come, where they can get into the EU and then roam via unguarded mountain passes into other countries !

Obviously, as long as the IS in the Middle East has not been completely anihilated, the dangers will persist everywhere !  Islam is waging a Religeous War and slaughtering all opposition worldwide. 

The Calais Refugee problem will not go away without action and changes in EU policies !

It was to the consternation of a large number of EU countries, that Chancellor Merkel on her own, took pity on the Refugees fleeing for their lives from Syria in September 2015, by inviting 800 000 into Germany to work there !  More than 1.3 million came and 1.1 million stayed in Germany !   Refugees are now coming from many other war torn areas of the World to Calais, from Afghanistan for example ! 

More are still coming, with some aiming to get to Britain via Calais !   Furthermore, Merkel's abortive attempt to bribe Erdogan, the Turkish President, to limit the number of Refugees from Syria has finally come to nothing.  It could have been a very costly experience !

However, last Sunday, September 4, Merkel was a heavy loser in the Regional Election of Mecklenburg, which is the area she represents politically !  The cause of the rout was "uncontrolled immigration" !  Her future as Chancellor could end after the General Election in Germany next year !   


Friday, 2 September 2016


Nos responsables politiques font eux aussi leur rentrée littéraire...


Thursday, 1 September 2016


When Macron resigned as the Minister of the Economy yesterday, the immediate question became :

"Why have so many Ministers left the Governments of President Hollande ?"  So far Montebourg, Hamon, Duflot, Philippetti and now Macron have gone. 

This leads straight to the ultimate question, 

"Can Hollande still seriously envisage standing for a second term of 5 years as President ?".

There are already three firm Presidential Candidates from the Left : Montebourg, Hamon and Melenchon, as well as Cecile Dufflot of the "Greens".

Macron could also decide to stand, and has situated himself and his Movement "En Marche" neither on the left nor on the right !

If François Hollande does want to stand again as a Candidate, he will find himself encircled both on his left and his right ! 
Opinion Polls for Hollande are not very favourable at present.  He is credited with only 15% of favourable opinions !