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Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Elected as the first woman Mayor of Paris in 2014, Anne Hidalgo has launched plans to reduce the Air Pollution in Paris, which long term, will lead to a reduction of the number of cars which daily fill the capital.

The first big steps are to close the fast flowing roads on the side of the Seine in the centre of Paris to create more green open spaces where Parisians can relax in the open air.  On Weekends this has already been tested, while cars have also been restricted from approaches to various tourist landmarks. 

These measures will obviously create more traffic jams and not only at rush hours.  Already the oldest cars, lorries and coaches have been restricted or banned from Paris.  This Policy will be extended.

However, a French Presidential Election followed by a General Election will take place in May next year and Mayor Anne Hidalgo, a Socialist, will not want to "rock the boat" and endanger the chances of her Party by announcing "all" the details of her plans before the autumn next year !  

For example, what all Parisian residents would dearly like to know is, will she ban or penalise Motor Bikes, which are parked daily on pavements "helter-skelter", without any respect for the rights of pedestrians, invalids or parents with prams !    The usual glib reply to such a question is "The police use their discretion" !