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Friday, 9 September 2016


President Hollande is an incurable optimist !   He wants to stand for a second term of 5 years, but Popularity Polls reveal that only 12% of the electors want him to stand ! To be quite blunt, 88% do not want to see him as a candidate !

This reflects the general opinion in France that Hollande's first 4 years as President have been a total disaster !

His hour long, well prepared, televised presentation yesterday, of what he has achieved as President since May 2012, was perfect and admirable.  BUT, as usual, he omitted any allusion to the crucial problems which await the next President, who will be elected by the second and final round of votes by Electors in May 2017 ! 

These problems not highlighted by Hollande concern :

1)  The control of immigrants inside the EU, at French frontiers, particularly those with Italy !
2)  The reduction of the Unemployed in France.
3)  Trimming the overhead costs of Government Departments.
4)  Delaying the retirement dates of all workers, State and Private !  Pension cost reserves are too low and ongoing costs are not covered by current contributions. 
5)  Reduce the tax increases of middle classes !
6)  Re-establish the equality in the EU Relationship with Germany, because Merkel has become too dominent ! 
7)  Construct more purpose-built prisons to rehouse ISIS Terrorists ! Perhaps this should also involve the EU ! 

All these points AND others will be raised and discussed during the next few months in the Presidential Campaign.  

Finally, will Hollande be a candidate ?  It is said that  he will communicate his decision in December 2016.  Will he really then accept to take part in the Socialist Primary ?  Socialists want his decision much earlier - so they can prepare properly !