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Sunday, 25 September 2016


Too often one reads that a well known National or  Supra-National politician has abused the trust which has been placed in him, for personal gain and greed !

Recently we had the case of Barroso the former President of the EU Commission who retired and joined Goldman Sachs.  Now it appears that  Neelie Kroes, a Vice President in the Barroso Commission, did not reveal when she joined, that she was a Directress of an Offshore company in the Bahamas !     

Sometimes those who remain unpunished have received the benefit of the doubt, because their financial abuse was not illegal according to  existing rules or laws !

However, the non payment of tax due is always punishable for everyone, even with imprisonment !  But, not disclosing assets, or "profiting from inside information obtained in the exercise of one's duties", is more difficult to prove, yet it is a serious issue.   Even more so when the person is highly remunerated !

To deter such crimes by politicians, should any abuse not be punishable by the cancellation of their retirement pensions, which are often very generous ?  

Politicians are very well placed to ensure the adoption of such a law, or of any other punishment deemed appropriate !   Something needs to be done !