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Saturday, 10 September 2016


The prisons in several EU countries (Britain + France) are overcrowded and therefore not at all suitable, above all, to ensure the incarceration and isolation of condemned Terrorists ! 

To alleviate the problem temporarily, "soft justice" is dispensed and this then breeds  contempt of the law !  What is worse is that "terrorists" are forced to mix with gullible, smaller criminals.   Terrorists have ample time  in prison, to convert criminals to Terrorist causes and actitvites !  This has been frequently underlined.

Smaller EU countries are certainly not equipped with  preventive prisons to contain Terrorists in safe custody. Should the EU not build one or two Prisons, in isolated places, to house these dangerous Terrorists ?

The Islamic State with its Extremist Terrorists does not need such prisons !   Their sole objective is to shoot and kill !   The EU needs Laws which will permit Judges to imprison Terrorists in isolation, but for long terms ! 

Do Terrorists not regularly deprive their innocent victims of their Human Right to live ?    Yet, when these Terrorists survive and are detained, do they not at once  "claim all their Human rights" ? 

The second world war ended 70 years ago.  Now there is another Global War by Islam.   These new prisons will be  needed for a long time !