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Sunday, 11 September 2016


The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has proposed the opening of two small Reception Centres for NEW Refugees arrivals, one in the North of Paris with 600 places, and one in the South with 350 places.  

For Parisians, the sight of the same beggars every day,  parked on same corners of the road at key Tourist Sites, is a worrying eyesore !   These are NOT the traditional French beggars so well known (and loved !) until some 30 years ago !

These decisions of the Mayoress of Paris are really totally inadequate for the number of refugee arrivals.  The Centres will be quickly saturated, probably within 24 hours !  In this context one must not forget the problems faced by Calais and its refugee centres like Sangatte !

This "solution" does nothing to solve the ROOT CAUSE  of the Problem !   Refugees are fleeing for their lives from the Middle East, because their homes and cities have been destroyed by IS Terrorists !   Nothing is left of the life they once enjoyed !  The IS kills mercilessly to gain more land and power !

The very people who now flee, should one day be the ones who rebuild their damaged towns, after  the IS has been anihilated by the West and Russia !  

Should all politicians not consider creating a "Patriotic Liberation Army" with young refugees ?  Should they not be fighting alongside Soldiers from Russia and the West, already serving there ?

Would such an army not provide more hope for the fleeing Refugees in Europe ?   Also, could they not provide valuable help with their knowledge of the Middle East cities ?