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Wednesday, 21 September 2016


The Minister of Justice, Jean-Jacques Urvoas has proposed a long-term plan to launch the increase of the number of prison cells in France.

At present there are 68 819 convicts who occupy cells initially planned for 54 365 inmates, an over density of 140% !  There is also a reserve capacity of 4 142 empty cells for imminent convicts.  

As Mr Urvoas quite rightly says, previous Governments and the current one also, have never invested enough to permit the construction more prisons cells to reduce the over-capacity problem.   His long-term plan up to 2025 would span more than one future Presidency or Government but this obligation should be understood by all Political Parties and included in their future plans !

For his short term plan he requests Prime Minister Valls to authorise contracts amounting to 1.1 billion Euros. 

One key subject not covered by the Justice Minister in his presentation is the isolation of Extreme Muslim Terrorists from other civilian prisoners !  At present they indoctrinate and convert other gullible prisoners to participate in Islamic attacks on innocent civilians.   

This problem has become very evident only in recent years.   It means that a special prison to house such Terrorists in isolation is required (1).  This is also a typical EU-wide problem : smaller countries cannot afford such specialised facilities !

(1)  Read the article in this Blog entitled "EU must build prisons for Terrorists", dated September 10, 2016.