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Monday, 19 September 2016


Jean-Claude Juncker was a former Luxembourg Prime Minister before Angela Merkel sponsored him as a candidate and he was appointed President of the EU Commission.  He was to be the link between the EU Parliament and the EU Council.

He has worked closely with Merkel since then, but from his recent speeches it is not clear whose opinion he is championing !   Is it that as the President of the EU Commission, or as Merkel's mouthpiece, or just his personal opinion ?  

Juncker has been making speeches which reveal his total desperation !   Most recently he hoped that Britain would get out of the EU as fast as possible, because this would be the end of the veto GB uses and which prevents the EU from having its own Army with Military Headquarters ! 

Juncker does not seem to know post-war history, or chooses to ignore it !   After the second world war, the USA, Britain and France wanted to avoid another World War in Europe !   The solution was that NATO would also invite European Nations and that they could also contribute troops and arms.  

De Gaule and Adenauer understood and respected the aims of NATO when they  negotiated their EU partnership, the French /German Junta !

This never meant that the EU cannot form a Multi-National Police Force to control EU Frontiers on land and sea, with all types of necessary Vehicules or Ships.   But, it did mean that using serious Military Equipment could only be undertaken in the Framework of NATO ! 

If the flow of Immigrants had been properly controled at all EU Frontiers and if the EU had updated its Treaties, to protect its place in this changing World, British voters in the Referendum probably would NOT have voted for a "BREXIT" ! 

Theresa May, the new British Prime Minister, knows this and has delayed the final application to start BREXIT negotiations, until next year !   If the EU changes, would a BREXIT be appropiate ?   Has Britain not been a key actor sometimes in European history ?

However, it was a relief when Donald Tusk, the President of the EU Council, last week suggested that a complete review  must be undertaken, to sort out all the problems the EU has a present !   He knows  that one cannot and should not, ignore  the growing opposition to more immigrants being invited to the EU !