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Tuesday, 20 September 2016


One year ago, out of pure compassion, Angela Merkel unexpectedly invited 800 000 refugees from Syria to come and work in Germany !   Since that moment she has spent the worst 12 months of her Political Life !

When more than 1.1 million refugees arrived, not only from Syria but also from other war-torn, hot spots of the World like Afghanistan, she compounded her error by wanting to allocate 260 000 to other countries in the EU. There was  immediate opposition, particularly by smaller EU countries ! 

She then tried to engage the help of Erdogan in Turkey to reduce the flow of migrants to Greece and into the EU, but this again failed miserably.

Now recent Regional Elections in Germany have turned against her own CDU Party and its Coalition partners, the SPD.  Last week in her own constituency of Mecklenburg the Coalition lost its majority.  This last weekend it lost its majority in Berlin !  These shocks were much worse than expected !

In fact, new opposition Parties have grown  rapidly due to the flood of immigrants.  Merkel is now quite contrite.  There is a General Election on the horizon in the Summer of next year and her Coalition has clearly lost its majority. 

Can she find a way to remain the Chancellor of Germany and the Leader of the Eurozone ?  Over the years Merkel has achieved many good things for Germany, but.... 

The unexpected BREXIT vote by British Electors is another thorn in her side, because this as well as Immigration, is provoking a review of what is wrong in the EU and what needs changing !

Theresa May, the new British Prime Minister, has delayed starting BREXIT negotiations until next year.  If now the EU starts to update its Treaties and modernises its Rules, particularly with respect to Immigrants,  another Referendum Vote (Brexit or not) could  be proposed to British Electors !