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Monday, 26 September 2016


Does anyone have the intention of respecting the Syrian Casefire so that urgent supplies like food and water, can be delivered to a starving  population of more than 2 million people in Aleppo, by United Nations convoys ?

Russia is backing Bachar el Assad with military weapons in the War with the West, against the common enemy, the I S Terrorists.  Russia is also blitzing key positions, but always totally denies missing any targets which kill civilians or Inspectors from UNO instead ! 

WHY are Russia and Putin, backing Assad ?  Is their main ulterior motive not to save their bases on the Syrian coast, and to obtain a key foothold in the Mediterranean Sea basin for the Russian fleet ?  Or are there other longer term aims ?

Bachar el Assad is the "elected" President of Syria, but he has been accused of Crimes against Humanity after  killing thousands of his citizens, mainly because they opposed him politically.   They then joined I S cells to fight Assad.   Putin has helped him to stay in power, but why ?  Would Russia ever help to rebuild Syrian towns which have now been completely destroyed ? 

History reveals that whenever Russia joins the fight, it always wants a share of the spoils afterwards !