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Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Rising tensions over the increasing numbers of Migrants in the "Calais Jungle" came to a head yesterday  (Monday September 5, 2016), when Lorry drivers blocked all traffic on the road leading to the port of Calais. 

They were joined by exasperated Calais residents who live near the Jungle Camps in Calais, Coquelles and Sangatte. Everyone vented their fury over the dangers they encounter, when faced with desperate Migrants, who all want a lift in a Lorry to reach Britain, or simply Food to eat !

The problems in Calais result from the flawed controls at external EU Borders, but also inexistent controls at internal Borders which France has with other EU countries, particularly Italy !  All Refugees or Migrants know the weak points, before they come, where they can get into the EU and then roam via unguarded mountain passes into other countries !

Obviously, as long as the IS in the Middle East has not been completely anihilated, the dangers will persist everywhere !  Islam is waging a Religeous War and slaughtering all opposition worldwide. 

The Calais Refugee problem will not go away without action and changes in EU policies !

It was to the consternation of a large number of EU countries, that Chancellor Merkel on her own, took pity on the Refugees fleeing for their lives from Syria in September 2015, by inviting 800 000 into Germany to work there !  More than 1.3 million came and 1.1 million stayed in Germany !   Refugees are now coming from many other war torn areas of the World to Calais, from Afghanistan for example ! 

More are still coming, with some aiming to get to Britain via Calais !   Furthermore, Merkel's abortive attempt to bribe Erdogan, the Turkish President, to limit the number of Refugees from Syria has finally come to nothing.  It could have been a very costly experience !

However, last Sunday, September 4, Merkel was a heavy loser in the Regional Election of Mecklenburg, which is the area she represents politically !  The cause of the rout was "uncontrolled immigration" !  Her future as Chancellor could end after the General Election in Germany next year !