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Wednesday, 12 October 2016


A man who has amassed a personal fortune of Billions of Dollars has obviously done something right !  As one also says, fools are often seperated from their fortunes !  This is certainly not the case with Donald Trump !

However, the principles and qualities required to make money in the Business World, differ sharply from those needed in Political and Diplomatic circles !  

The style Trump has brought to the Presidential Election Debates does not inspire the confidence of Electors !   They cannot imagine how Trump would act to solve their problems.   

How many times has Trump said one thing and then back-tracked and apologised ?  This, in the Diplomatic World, is suicide !

If Trump became President, would he not have  the ultimate responsibility to order the use of Atomic Bombs ?   Apologising afterwards would be far too late !

Is this not why American Voters are hesitating to vote for him ?