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Sunday, 2 October 2016


The result of the Referendum Vote for "Brexit" has created havoc, not only in Britain but also in the EU !   A  Vote has never created so much speculation, joy, horrer, animosity and regret !

For example in Britain where such a result was not expected :

-  Why are Businessmen and Politicians now worried about their futures ?  Would Britain and its Trade benefit or not, if it leaves ? 

-  Why in fact, did electors vote for Brexit ?  Was it only because of concerns about uncontrolled "Migrants and  Immigrants" and sharing Refugees ?  

-  Was it because Brussels has acquired too many "decision making rights" ? 

In the EU, member countries are also worried by some of the same problems as those mentioned above !  For example :

 -  Today in Hungary, there is a Referendum about the acceptation of "non-European immigrants" !   Other EU countries are closely watching !

 -  Some countries want to retain their Customs and Traditions and avoid all EU interference !

 -  Smaller EU countries want more control of their Frontiers.  This would entail changes EU Treaties.  

This reveals the turbulence harboured by EU citizens.  No one country can achieve any changes alone !  The leaders of France and Germany will not want any changes before their General Elections in mid 2017. 

In Britain the next General Election is due in May 2020 ! Will Theresa May choose an earlier date ?  Will she really start Brexit negotiations in March 2017 ?   Even before the election results in France and Germany ? 
In spite of all the foregoing, there is now a real clamour for change in the EU .