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Sunday, 30 October 2016


After the closure of the "Jungle" in Calais early this week, more than a thousand would-be immigrants have arrived in Paris.  In particular they have planted their "tents" in the north of Paris under the arches of the overhead metro line, in the 19th District between Stalingrad and Jaures.

This eventuality was fully anticipated by two articles in this Blog (1) earlier this week !   The Refugees are not only from Syria in the Middle East but also from "Black Africa" and other war torn countries !  

Refugees want security and a better future, in not only France but other countries too !  Their migration search will continue !

The "Open Door or Frontiers Policy" of the EU, the Free uncontrolled circulation Inside the EU and the Schengen Area, must be redefined !  Only then will the future of the EU be assured.

All other countries in the World do this.  They recognise  changes in the outside world around them, but then in a similar manner update their rules and Laws, to protect their citizens. 

To survive, the EU must also act, not only to protect all its citizens but also to ensure the future survival of the EU entity ! 

(1)  - Read the two articles in this Blog :
         - "Hollande in the Political Jungle" dated 25/10/2016. 
         - "Theresa May has a bad Dream"  dated 26/10/2016.  Drawn by our Cartoonist Marin.