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Saturday, 15 October 2016


The whole of France has been shocked to read the private comments President Hollande shared with  two Le Monde journalists, from the start of his five year term of office. 

These "private conversations" are summarised in a Book of 672 pages, entitled (1) " A President should not say that".  It was an immediate sell-out this week and has produced shockwaves.

No one escapes the criticism of the sharp tongue of the President.   In particular Judges are described as being cowards and hypocrites !  

Likewise, serious doubts have now been raised about Hollande's intention to stand for re-election as President next May 2017.  

Socialists are embarassed and generally convinced that he has ruined all his hopes to be a candidate for a second mandate.

(1) In French "Un President ne devrait pas dire ça".