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Monday, 17 October 2016


Everyone in France is waiting for the clear signal from President Hollande that he "Will or will not stand for a second term of 5 years in the next Presidential Election in 2017".

In spite of all the "disasters" during his Presidency which have been publicly criticised by the Left, Center and the Right, can he still harbour the "Hope" that he could justify standing, and then even win ?

The Revelations last week, published in their 600 page book, by two journatists, were totally unexpected !  Hollande had invited them into his office to share his thoughts on a regular basis since his election as President.   This has now started a new line of criticism which will last !
The Socialists have scheduled a primary election for  January 2017, in which Hollande would be expected to take part ; but will he run this risk ?   His Popularity Polls have been an all-time low for a past President !   

Other valid Candidates also want to be the "officially sponsored Socialist Party Candidate" and know they could get the votes of disenchanted former Hollande electors.  Hollande knows that too !

Speculation is therefore rife !   Opinion Polls also reveal  Prime Minister Valls (aged 54) as a Candidate, would have a much better chance of winning the Primary, than Hollande (aged 62) !   But Valls, out of loyalty, refuses to stand against Hollande !

Everyone must wait to see what happens next !