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Wednesday, 12 October 2016


In the Political Game of Chess, President Hollande has forced Putin to retreat !   Putin had announced that he would come to France to assist at the Inauguration of the latest Russian Orthodox Church near Paris but then  changed his plans !

Hollande simply replied that he only wanted to meet Putin to discuss atrocities in Syria by Russian Troops !  At the same time Hollande was seeking ways for Putin  and Russia to be accused of War Crimes and of Crimes against Humanity in Aleppo. 

Russian and Syrian attacks have completely destroyed large areas of housing and killed indiscriminately thousands of civilians.  These attacks are deliberate, not just accidental !   Russia has regularly used its Veto in the Security Council to prevent any intervention by UNO.

The West is pondering what Putin wants to attain in the Middle East.   A clue is the fact that Russia never enters a War without obtaining more territory, like at Yalta in 1945 !