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Monday, 31 October 2016


The revelations in the recently published best selling book in France entitled "A President should not say that" (1),  are proving to be the final nail in the proverbial coffin of François  Hollande !

He has had a disasterous 4 years since he was unexpectedly elected to be the President for 5 years in May 2012.  Then however, he secretly  and regularly invited two journalists into his Elysee Palace office, to confide to them his  observations on current events and problems !  Was his aim not to leave a testimony of his Presidency ?

These revelations have completely destroyed the complicity which normally exists between a President and his Prime Minister and closest Cabinet Mnisters.  Even Socialist Party faithful  are deserting a sinking ship ! 

Hollande desperately harboured hopes to stand for a second term of five years as President, despite his lack of popularity, but all these hopes have now evaporated ! 

Manual Valls, his faithful Prime Minister, is livid over this scandal.  He had in the past, repeatedly said that he would never stand as a Candidate against Hollande : now it seems more than likely he will take part in the Socialist Primary election in January 2017 ! 

(1)  In French : "Un President ne devrait pas dire ça... "  Edited by STOCK.