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Tuesday, 25 October 2016


When Hollande visited Calais for the first time as President, he promised that, before the end of 2016, the "Jungle" housing up to 10 000 Refugees and Migrants, would be evacuated and then demolished !

This operation has already started.  The Refugees and Migrants are being interviewed and transported to one of the 164 existing centres dotted around the whole of France, as well as centres recently opened for this operation.

Things are progressing smoothely for the time being but Calais inhabitants are sceptical.  Even if the jungle camp is demolished, will this really ensure that no previous or new Migrants will be found later in the Calais area ?

If their presence then creates problems in towns and villages to which they have been allocated, if they cannot work or are missing the comrades from the Camp in Calais, will they not want to "move on" ?   Will they not try to enter Spain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland or Italy ? 

President Hollande risks attracting the wrath of EU Leaders in Brussels as well as numerous Mayors and their citizens in France !  Besides other well known problems in France, already raised in this Blog, is he not now in a Political Jungle ?