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Sunday, 23 October 2016


François Hollande seems to have lost the last re-election hopes he had, for a second term of 5 years as President of France.

Since the publication of the book (1) "A President  should not say that", the current best selling book in France, Hollande has had to pacify the Judiciary, and the Police have organised demonstrations in towns all over France. 

Briefly, the Police feel they are Under-staffed, do not have sufficient legal protection or up to date Equipment to do their jobs effectively.   Afterwards soft justice is dispensed due to the lack of enough cells in prisons, which means criminals reoffend because they are not deterred !

The Minister of Justice, Bernard Cazeneuve has done nothing to pacify these complaints by the Police.

This has also increased the general feeling of insecurity all over France.   

However, Prime Minister Valls who continually, faithfully, supports Hollande and who has repeatedly said he would not stand as a candidate against Hollande in an Election, is now urging Socialists to club together ; otherwise the socialist  Party will no longer remain the force it was, one of the two main Parties in France.
The feeling of French Socialists is that Valls would be the better Candidate,  but one must patiently await  December when Hollande will make public his decision to stand or not !

(1) In French : "Un President ne devrait pas dire ça", by Gerard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme, Stock Editions.